Professional Sewer line repair

 Professional Sewer line repair

Customer called and asked for help. His place of business, located in Humble TX, had all bathrooms backing up due to sewer line stoppage and it presented a big problem for him and all the employees. They were unable to use any water closets or sinks. We immediately dispatched a truck to the location. After diagnosing the problem we informed the business owner that they needed a sewer line repair. We talked him through the repair process and price, and he agreed for us to get the problem resolved for him.

We proceeded to run the cable through the main line clean out. Unfortunately the stoppage was too far for the cable to reach, but we located a second clean out across the street. When we ran the cable we were able to clear all the stoppage and got all personnel to be able to use the bathroom services again. The business owner asked for tips on how to prevent the sewer line from clogging again. We advised to let all employees know that they need to throw away wipes in the trash can and not flush them down the sewer line for they do not dissolve and tend to create these stoppages. Business owner was very pleased with the way Cal-tex plumbing co. handled the sewer line repair.

Location: Humble, TX

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